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Undergraduate Studies (Bachelor's degree)

Both the major and minor are taught primarily in German. Thus, please refer to the German version of this website for more detailed information on the course of studies, application procedures and more:


Within the B.A., students acquire not only thorough theoretical and methodological knowledge, but also a high level of independence through self-reliant research. A number of options and possibilities, made possible by the department, exist to fulfill the latter requirement.

In this matter, especially the project-oriented module in the 5th semester offers students the possibility to gain practical experience abroad and enhance their intercultural expertise. Students can either choose to conduct a fieldwork project or do an internship within a country of their own choice. Alternatively, it is also possible to study abroad and get to know another university. In this way, students have the opportunity to develop an individual profile with regards to content as well as regional knowledge. This expertise can then can be applied to within the undergraduate's dissertation, and facilitate a direct career entry, or, for further in-depth learning, the student’s expertise can be put towards the pursuit of a subsequent Master's degree.

For more information on the 5th semester module and possible cooperations, please click here: and here

If you have any questions regarding the B.A. program, please contact our B.A. study coordinator Dr. Philipp Schröder.