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10 Reasons to Study in Freiburg

10 Reasons (engl)1. Regional diversity: Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe

2. Topical issues in research and teaching

3. Personal support in education, field trips and training research

4. Students may set their own focus during study projects and will receive comprehensive advice and support

5. Practical relevance: during Tandem Seminars scientists teach together with practicioners

6. Job Networking and integration into a vibrant city with various One-World-Initiatives, film festivals and exhibitions

7. Integration of interdisciplinary teaching associations (esp. Interdisciplinary Anthropology)

8. Teaching cooperations with Basel and BaWü: every semester you can attend a seminar in the European Campus Verbund or at the universities of Konstanz, Heidelberg or Tübingen

9. Insights into research projects

10. Active student body of faculty: togetherness and festivities