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Consultation hours:

Tuesday, 16:15 - 18:00

(Please sign into the list on the 1st floor in the Institute, Werthmannstraße 10)


Main research:
Southeast Asia, religion, globalization

Tel.: +49-761-203-3582
Fax: +49-761-203-3581
In WS 2018/19 and SoSe 2019, Gregor Dobler is a visiting scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton.


Main research:
Namibia, West of France

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Fax: +49-761-203-3581

Until September 2019 in maternity leave.

Main research:
South America (Amazonian lowlands), (post-) socialist
Eurasia (Eastern Europe), Poland

Scientific Assistants

Dr. Philipp Schröder

Fax: +49-761-203-3581

Consulting hours:

Wednesdays, 14:00 - 16:00

Main research areas:
Central Asia and Eurasia (in particular Kyrgyzstan, Russia and China)

Coordinator for BA-Programme:
Please direct all administrative questions
regarding the course of your studies, the
acknowledgement of academic achievements etc.

Dr. Ingo Rohrer

Fax: +49-761-203-3581

Consultation hours:

Wednesdays, 13:00 - 15:00
(Please sign into the list on the 1st floor.)

Main research:
South America

Saskia Walther

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Consultation hours:
Monday, 15:00 - 17:00

List on notice board in the Institute (Werthmannstraße 10)

 Main research:
Central America ( especially Mexico)

External funding staff  


Martin Büdel Tel.:+49-761-203-2385
Fax: +49-761-203-3581
Consultation hours by appointment by email. Main research:
France (especially Cantal)
Sien Brüstle


 Regular Indonesian language courses on different levels
Dr. Piet van Eeuwijk    
Yannick van den Berg (DFG)    

Former Empolyees

Prof. em. Dr. Rolf Herzog  (†)    Former director from the "Institut für Völkerkunde"  
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Köhler (†)   Director of the "Institut für Völkerkunde" until September, 30th, 2002.  
Prof. Dr. Stefan Seitz At the Institute for Ethnology since 1970. As Professor from 1980 to 2010  
Tel.: +49-7664-7390
Fax: +49-761-203-3581
Professor (apl.) at the Institute for Ethnology until 2011  

Dr. Andreas Volz


Main research:
Africa, North- and Southamerica

He worked until winter 2016/2017 in the insitute.
PD Dr. Heike Drotbohm Main Research:
Afro-America, Carribean, Creol Cultures in West Africa
She worked until Summer 2016 in the institute
PD. Dr. Markus Verne    
Dr. Rebecca Hofmann    
Mirjam Lücking    

Former Lecturer

 Juan Luis Camacho Cueva    
 Dr. Hans-Peter Hagmann    
M.A. Moritz Heck    
Rosaly Magg    
Hildegard Mayer      
Sieferle, Barbara    
Carsten Stark    

Former external funding staff Postdoctoral Research Fellow  
Olivia Klimm (DFG)    
 M.A. Larissa Mogk      
Melanie Nertz (DFG)     
Dr. Primus M. Tazanu (VW Stiftung)    
Michiko Uike-Bormann    
Vissia Ita Yulianto (DAAD/BMBF)    


Dr. Margarete Brüll
Tel.: +49-761-203-3593
Fax: +49-761-203-3581

Opening hours of the Secretary's Office:

Mo to Thu, 10:00-12:00 a.m.; Mo to Wed, 2:00-4:00 p.m.
 Malakia Moussa, M.A.

Tel.: +49-761-203-3593
Fax: +49-761-203-3581

Dr. Johannes Sturm

Tel.: +49-761-203-3593
Fax: +49-761-203-3581

 EDP, Master applications  
Studentische Hilfskräfte
 Lending/hiring/borrowing of projector and other items of equipment