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Student Council

The student council represents the political interests of students of the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology. 

We, the independent student council, work together with students and the institute’s employees to manifest and organize communicative discussions about new ideas and impulses concerning the Department and to bring forward an awareness for institutional and student issues.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact us .


To work on our goals on a larger scale, we also collaborate with other Social and Cultural Anthropology Institutes in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. For more information, please visit the MASN (Moving Anthropology Student Network) online and the student’s symposium webpage:


We do our best in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere with lots of opportunities of meeting people and discussing relevant topics that concern us as in organizing and hosting …

…our so-called ‚Ethno-Parties‘,

…our ,Ersti’-Frühstück for all new B.A. students at the institute,

…cottage-weekends in the Black Forest or the Vosges, nights,

…round-table discussions with students and faculty members

…helping the students of the second semester in organizing our institute’s summer party in the institute garden

…introducing new members of the faculty to the student  body.


Via our student council email list we will inform you about the best and most important cultural and political gatherings (i.e. demonstrations, the film festival ,Freiburger Filmforum’, tipps on movies shown at the Kommunale Kino etc.).

To join our email list please sign up to  with the subject matter: Verteiler.


We’re always happy to greet new faces on the student council’s team! Come along to our next meeting!


Eure Fachschaft/Your student council