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Insecurity, Fear and Distrust in Buenos Aires - Confidence Building in the Context of Criminal Court Proceedings


In the Argentinian metropolitan region Buenos Aires, problems of trust and confidence among citizens and the state have grown over the last decades. Distrust and fear of criminality are spreading in Buenos Aires and lead to an increasing marginalization of communities associated with delinquency. Because criminality is often linked to poverty, social tensions between different socio-economic groups emerge as well as a well-highlighted difference to the "other". 

The project wants to examine the connection between social distrust and distrust of state institutions and clarify to which extent state institutions contribute to the creation and consolidation of trust to defuse social conflicts. The focus of the project lies on criminal justice. How do culturally and socially characterised perceptions of the "other" among groups of persons involved in trials like judges, magistrates, defence lawyers, defendants, witnesses, journalists etc. influence confidence constitution? The projects aims to explore the relation between personal and professional trust relations and institutional trust. 


Head of the project: Dr. Ingo Rohrer

Project duration: 1.3.2016 - 28.2.2019

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