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Welcome to the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology in Freiburg

About us

The Freiburg Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology focuses on worldwide social and (trans)cultural dynamics. Global topics and a broad range of courses on Asia, Africa and Latin America form the profile of the institute. The institute is interdisciplinary and internationally well connected in research and teaching. Students acquire methodological, theoretical and practice-relevant competencies that qualify them for diverse, socially relevant fields of work in the global world. In both the Bachelor's and Master's programs, special emphasis is placed on direct professional references. This is reflected, among other things, in tandem courses with professional interns.



Winter Term 2022/2023

Information about the office hours of the lecturers can be found on the respective pages of the employees.

The office hours of the secretariat are Mon-Thu 10-12 a.m.

Additional appointments can be made by email: .



A heartly welcome to all new students!

For any questions or difficulties, be it related to your studies or to living in Freiburg, you can contact the Ethno-Soli-Group in the messenger app or desktop version of “Signal”. Follow this link.

Information on the beginning of the semester can be found in the App of the University Freiburg.

And finally we recommend you to have a look at the interactive Campus-Tour to get to know your Alma Mater, the University of Freiburg.  


On the current situation

Covid-19 at the university. So far, there are no restrictions for the upcoming winter semester and it is still scheduled to take place in presence. More info on Corona at the university can be found here:

Corona - Notes on how to deal with the pandemic.

Ethnological research and teaching are immensely important, exciting, and vibrant in times of Covid-19! It is about socio-cultural reorientations (how is the pandemic understood?), structural framings (how is it organized?), relations of inequality (who is affected and how?), and changing life practices (how does a new everyday life take shape?) both in Europe and in the globally interconnected world.

A continuously updated collection of interesting ethnological and social science articles and perspectives on the corona pandemic can be found here:


Meet the team: our staff in 2021


Is the study of Social and Cultural Anthropology the right subject for me?

Our online study-choice-assist (Online-Studienwahl-Assistent, OSA) helps you to find the study subject which suits you best. View the website for more information and be inspired by a photo tour, video interviews, self-examine tests and sample questions.





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