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WiSe 2021/2022

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Judith Schlehe

Human-Environment Relations in Pandemic Times: Indonesia and Germany compared

SoSe 2021 Zoom Till Förster Autoethnography: Privileged Access to the Social or Idiosyncratic Journalism?
WiSe 2020/2021 Zoom Anna Meiser Multinaturalismus, Transkulturation und Kolonialität: Kulturtheorien aus Lateinamerika
SoSe 2020 Basel, Freiburg Till Förster (Judith Schlehe) Anthropology's Love Affair with Anarchy
WiSe 2019/2020 Freiburg    Philipp Schröder und Trappel Inspecting the (New) Silk Road - Perspectives from China and Central Asia (Eucor & BaWü-Seminar)
SoSe 2019 Basel, Freiburg   Till Förster Seeing and Imagining: Epistemological Foundations of Anthropological Fieldwork
WiSe 2018/2019 Freiburg Martin Büdel Ethnologie zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst
SoSe 2018 Basel, Freiburg    Silke Oldenburg Between Ballots and Bullets: Approaching the Democratic Republic of Congo through Ethnography
WiSe 2017/2018 Freiburg, Basel Schlehe, Rüland The Politics and Anthropology of Southeast Asia