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Master of Arts Social and Cultural Anthropology

Master FlyerThe Master's programme "Social and Cultural Anthropology" is broad in content and well networked. In addition to intensive studies at our institute, you have the opportunity to attend courses in the "BaWü-Verbund" (i.e. also in Heidelberg, Konstanz, Tübingen) or as "European Campus Seminars" in Basel. In addition, you can benefit from the participation of Social and Cultural Anthropology in various interdisciplinary Master's programmes in Freiburg (Global Studies Programme, Interdisciplinary Anthropology, Gender Studies, etc.).

The Freiburg MA programme "Social and Cultural Anthropology" is research-oriented. Thus, you can gain insight into current research projects in Southeast and Central Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe and deepen these in corresponding courses. At the same time, the Master's programme offers many practical references and establishes connections to future professional fields. In a global world, ethnological qualifications and competences are relevant for the future and are therefore in demand in many areas.

The subject of the programme is cultures and transcultural dynamics in their significance for world views and identity constructions, social orders, economic and political systems, environmental relations, ways of thinking, acting and representing in a globally and locally networked world.

The aim of the degree programme is to acquire the ability to work independently in different world regions, fields of practice and academic areas. To this end, students are taught methodological and analytical skills, ethnographic knowledge, cultural sensitivity as well as intercultural discourse techniques and practical strategies for action. The degree programme offers you both a scientific profile and a direct practical relevance through your own focus in study projects or participation in teaching research. The Freiburg Institute of Social Anthropology has also founded the network "Social Anthropology and Professional Practice", in which the Institute cooperates with various institutions where social anthropologists work. So-called "tandem seminars" with representatives from professional practice are offered regularly.

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For more informal questions about the institute, the teaching programme, opportunities to implement your own research ideas, cooperations and networking with professional practice or living and studying in Freiburg, please contact: Nina